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24h volume:
883 217 USD
102 BTC
3 296 ETH
Top markets by 24h volume (see all)   
Bitcoin (BTC) BTC / Euro (EUR) EUR634 466.00 EUR
Litecoin (LTC) LTC / Euro (EUR) EUR62 822.80 EUR
Ethereum (ETH) ETH / Euro (EUR) EUR34 397.20 EUR
Ethereum (ETH) ETH / Bitcoin (BTC) BTC2.66 BTC
Euro (EUR) EUR / XRP (XRP) XRP44 727.50 XRP
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) BCH / Euro (EUR) EUR6 406.06 EUR
Noku Master Token (NOKU) NOKU / Ethereum (ETH) ETH13.58 ETH
Peercoin (PPC) PPC / Bitcoin (BTC) BTC0.39 BTC
Litecoin (LTC) LTC / Bitcoin (BTC) BTC0.37 BTC
Bitcoin (BTC) BTC / XRP (XRP) XRP5 692.26 XRP