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Last notifications

19 May 10:07
⭐ From Binance twitter (968.5k subs):
"Money is an instrument of change. Bitcoin changes how we transact and trade, now [a]binance is going to change how charity prevails." --[a]DoveyWan Binanceforchildren Ambassador, Founding Partner of Primitive Ventures [link]
19 May 08:20
💵 BTC dominance: 56.72%
Market cap: $247 847 150 275
24h volume: $78 063 347 734
Altcoins market cap: $107 268 246 639
Altcoins trend: 1 hour - grow, 1 day - grow, 7 days - grow
19 May 03:34
⭐ From Binance twitter (968.4k subs):
[a]LibreBrisbane [a]harmonyprotocol The token purchase agreement will be available to sign once the [a]harmonyprotocol Launchpad page is live on [link] The current ETA for this is Wednesday 22nd May.
18 May 16:17
💡 From Fusion Token (FSN) twitter (9.1k subs):
.[a]FUSIONProtocol has announced its partnership with [a]FantomFDN.

The first step in the collaboration is to integrate Fusion’s DCRM interoperability solution with Fantom’s high-speed network.

18 May 12:09
⭐ From Bibox twitter (21.5k subs):
Bibox System Update is due to start 4 hours later, the withdrawal and some other functions will be suspended during the update, Perpetual Contract trading is kept in normal operation. Please be noted.

There will be an announcement when the update is complete. ...
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